Why to Use a Residential Designer

by Nancy Martinez . 2 Comments

Residential designers bring a lot of knowledge and skills to make sure all aspects of remodeling and custom home projects go smoothly. Situations arise for which only an experienced professional can apply his or her creative problem solving to save time and money. Here’s why it’s worth it to hire a designer.

You’ll save yourself a lot of time. You may not know how certain structural choices can impact installation; you also may not know about certain options for new materials or technologies that might be cheaper, better or more appropriate. Its also crucial to have someone who understands how your building assembly meets current building code requirements. links

Codes outside the building industry to understand. When designers submit drawings to the building authority, a plans examiner reviews them and issues a revision notice to address any variances from the current codes and construction standards. You’ll also get their expertise and understanding of the overall construction process. Depending on your needs and budget, a designer can guide you through the relevant building application process, research planning legislation, helping you hire contractors, recommend subcontractors and manage the construction phase of a project on your behalf.

They already know the lingo. So much of a project is communicated using 2D drawings, and they can be difficult to interpret, which can arouse confusion, especially if your contractor isn’t quite familiar with the drawings. It also is helpful, because sometimes a contractor is busy and hasn’t had the time to really look at certain parts of the drawings, critical elements of the details can be overlooked. A designer knows how to stay on top of this.

They’ll be on your side. If you’re having problems with contractors on your project, it might be tough for you to verify that they are properly carrying out the intent of the drawings, or even which contractor is actually responsible for the issue. Build-To-Suit

It can be hard to know where the responsibility for one contractor ends and the other begins. Time and again we’ve seen things get overlooked or improperly constructed early in the process, which affects contractors later in the job. And if that earlier contractor has left to another job, it’s oftentimes difficult to get the person back onsite to fix those mistakes.

If you want a space that has lasting appeal and adds to the value of your investment, you need to hire a designer. Designers have the skills to include the features that will maximize your house, while making sure your project runs smoothly.

Access to other professionals. Being in the design business means meeting lots of other pros who also work on residential projects. From structural engineers to painters, your designer probably has quite the network of skilled contractors who can get the job done within the given budget.

2 Responses to Why to Use a Residential Designer

  1. Carolina says:

    In my opinion, hiring a designer is a no-brainer. It shocks me that people think they can undertake a design project by reading books and learning themselves.

    December 13, 2016 at 9:22 pm
    • Nancy Martinez says:

      Hello Carolina. Couldn’t agree more. Designers go to school to learn all of the tools necessary to successfully complete a renovation or design project. You need an experienced, licensed professional in order to do a large home project like that.

      December 13, 2016 at 9:23 pm

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